Friday 20 July 2012

Neutron York 3000 - Review.

Having played several Post Apocalyptic rule sets I have decided to review one of my favourites, Neutron York 3000 by Sylvain Boudeele of Golgo Island Productions .

Games of NY3K are reasonably quick to play with most games taking about a hour or so to play. The rules are D6 based and have no charts or very little in the way of calculations. Everything is opposed dice rolls. This makes NY3K very easy to learn and a blast to play.

The game mechanics allows characters to spend extra action points (each character gets 3 Action Points) to boost actions such as movement, shooting, close combat or defence. Each Action point allows an action or an action boost. However be wary on how you spend your action points as your lower quality figures will need you to reserve action points for a defence roll should a successful attack be made. Another tip is to keep your figures in cover as that will also give them a defensive roll. Characters are Knocked Out when a successful attack is made and can be revived by medics. Engineers and vehicles are also covered. 

The rules are easy to customise allowing you to customise character stats and weapons to fit your own existing armies, gangs and settings. NY3K also has a campaign system that allows your survivors to improve quality with time.  

The book is filled with background fluff, pictures, diagrams, scenarios, scenario building tools, extra rules, sample gangs and campaigns.  The background is good old cheesy Post Apocalyptic and makes for great, fun games.

In short the rules are quick to learn, quick to play, versatile and good fun.  

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