Thursday, 5 July 2012

History of MBW -Pt2 - Dark Night!

High above Matt Black’s world a satellite watched the planets surface. The satellite was left by the Federation after “after” sterilizing the world of the horrific viruses the warring factions had unleashed on each other. The satellite’s function was to watch the world and look for the tell tale power signatures of space vehicles leaving the planet. The satellite has been equipped with a arsenal of powerful nuclear warheads to cripple and destroy such vessels attempting to leave the planet.

On the edge of the system a fragment of metal moves at incredibly high speeds. It is not more than 20mm across. A fragment from a space vessel from who knows where? Who knows when it started it’s journey? Over the years it speeds past the asteroid fields, warning satellites, automated gun and missile stations and past the mine fields.

The Satellite takes a impact and the metal fragment ends its long, possible interstellar journey inside the satellite. The satellite is damaged and auto repairs. Calibration tables for the sensors are lost. The back ups are too. The satellite loads factory defaults.

Then it happens. Several large power signatures on the surface that exceed the threshold levels. Weapons arm and launch. New fire falls from the skies onto the surface of Matt Black’s world.

The sensors in their newly re-calibrated state picked up not space craft signatures but the signatures of several small reactors powering some of the SOS bunkers and vaults that survived below.

One Missile scored a direct hit on the Aryanriche bunker city destroying the bunker and the mutants that had overrun it. Kaiser Basher may have applauded if two warheads hadn't crashed into the Castle his people had fled to.

Brittannia Bunker City took three hits wiping the city from the face of the map.

The planets biggest threat - the Enclave took hits to the main city, a captured Mil Bunker and a allied Vault. The new nation was destroyed and returned to the wastelands from where it sprang.

The Guardians home of Titans Ark took two hits destroying it. The Vault that spawned the Sun and Moon was destroyed along with the city along side it. Warheads also fell in the fledgling state of Neo Soviet.

The face of the world had changed. Darkness covered the skies in many places. butt his time it was only for weeks rather than years. The harsh Nuclear Winter didnt follow although crops did fail in many places and new generations of Bandits and Raiders were born. In some places Cannibalism is on the rise.

With Aryanriche gone many factions could relax, especially those containing mutants. The Wastelands around the area became more contaminated and was renamed “ Hated Wastes”. The Kaisers legacy lives on as his bands of Skin Heads still roam the world trying to force it to conform. How long these bands will last without their support networks is anyones guess. Those that escaped the Kaiser's realm when the Bunker fell formed their own village on the borders of the Confederacy Wastes and utilised what high tech stuff they brought with them.

Brittannia SOS Bunker and city was vaporized. It could no longer assert its threats to the communities of the Brittannia wastes. The Gangs of the Nu London Ruins and the Skrap Knights in their fortresses can relax a little. Although the city was gone a few of Brittannia’s old Warriors beyond the cities walls now serve other communities or work as bandits or mercenaries. Black Daggars Company stayed in the lush Fair Fields and kept protecting the farmers their. Lord Black Daggar hires his Company out as Mercenaries as needed.

With the Enclave gone their lands fell back under the control of the Scavengers and mutants they drove out of their lands. New Eden (or not so New Eden) is now more contaminated and the Ash Lands and Deserts are now slowly encroaching on the now dead country. All is not lost though. In a few places a handful of survivors look to rebuild. The question is what will they build.

The Guardians lost the military bunker they called home along with the founding chapter. With the bunker they lost a lot of military might and old world tech. The faction is no longer able to field Power Amour or old world tech. The survivors and patrols regrouped. The faction now much weaker split into a two new “chapters” and headed out into the Wastes looking for new homes. They are determined to continue the Guardians work of reclaiming old world tech for themselves.

Although the Sun and Moon lost their home city and bunker they where lucky that they survived with minimal casualties. The faction are moving and rebuilding in a new location closer to the Mojo Wastes. The Trog Mercenaries proved useful in the search and rescue missions as they are Radiation resistant. The Sun and Moon’s growth and expansion is slowed for now.

The Neo Soviet state suffered the loss of it’s SOS bunker. However their Capitol Town is far away from the bunker and the State only suffered minor losses. Mattblackograd (the Capitol) only suffered loss of power as the Bunker provided it. The Bunker’s loss has stopped the military machine and the State is reliant on the weapons and kit it already has.

Liberty City and Nu Sodom City are the only cities that remain. Nu Sodom is small (pop 5000) and is not the type of place you would like to visit. Liberty City (pop 10,500) still stands and is the largest area of population on the world. Even they struggle to keep law and order beyond the city`s walls and farmlands.

What little Law and Order in the wasted world is now lost. What hold humanity had on the world is gone. In what was the “civilized” lands the out lying villages are building high barricades to keep the wastelands out. The Guardians, Sun and Moon and Neo Soviets are weakened and could fall to Raiders or Bandits. Thats if the internal factions don't rip them apart first. New contamination falls onto the world poisoning it further. Who knows what new monsters the Wastes will spawn? Stalkers roam into these new contaminated places looking for new items to take back and trade. Who knows what they may bring back? As for the Satellite, it floats high above its arsenals depleted. I wonder if there are more of these Satellites in orbit?

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