Saturday, 8 September 2012

Alien Jungles...lots of em!

I am currently working on a setting in my  home city in a 1980s post apoc (as a break from my more Sci-Fi setting on Mattblackgod's world) with all manner of nasty plants ala Day of the triffids and crazy ex humans known as virals or crazies (think fallout ghouls or 28 days later rage virus guys). 

In a earlier post I had just started building an alien jungle. Here are a few shots of the old Alien Jungle table so far....

It is a mix of plastic aquarium plants although some old 40K jungle plants and plants from toy sets have also found their way into the mix. The eagle eyed among you will spot some Mutant Plants from Ramshackle Games in there too. They make good carnivorous plants to cause adventurers problems. There are also several resin toadstools and fungi in the pictures. Some toad stools are also scratch made with scraps of modelling putty. 

This terrain should have many uses as Alien planets for my Sci-Fi games and Venus in my Victorian Sci-Fi/Steampunk settings. 

There is a few more CDs to come as I discovered a few bits with jungle terrain I built a few years back that will be spruced up with aquarium plants.  The work continues....

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