Friday, 7 September 2012


When out in the Post Apcoalytic Wastes why not visit Hotel Gothika! 

This is my third 80's Brit Post Apoc faction built up from my minis collection. 

Based in a old Victorian Hotel on the Southport seafront you can find Gothika. A small commune of surviving Goths have fled here.  The hotel is fortified against all comers and well stocked from scavenging runs.  The "King" of Southport is happy for them to be on his turf as long as they pay tribute to him in Salvaged materials. The packs of wild dogs that haunt the nearby streets also offers Hotel Gothika some protection from Viral and raiders. 

This faction is a little low on numbers but will get suitable reinforcements when I add the 80's cold war British army figures to other factions. 

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