Saturday, 8 September 2012

Seaforth Syndicate

The Seaforth Syndicate is based in the Seaforth freeport container base, Gladstone Dock, Alexandria Dock and the Coast Guard Radar Station & Nature Reserve just to the north of the Freeport.  

The syndicate has its own electrical power and is protected by a fortress made from Shipping Containers. Due to the import and customs part of the port this faction has access to a lot of vehicles and other items that would not be available in the UK at the time of the apocalypse such as Muscle Cars and Unimogs. The syndicate produces armoured vehicles, buggies, bikes, ammunition, black powder, SMGs, muskets, flame throwers, pipe bombs and rockets. 

They trade these goods up river with Scouse Land and inland with West Vale for food. They will also trade with Scavengers, the Southport Salvage Crew and anyone else who has something they need.

Seaforth is under threat from the Altcar Protectorate who want it as a asset but they where driven off in the early days by the syndicates superior firepower. 

These are the warriors that protect the rebuilders from raiders and Atlcar's unwanted attentions. 

You can see Old One Ey (second Left front) and a ex army cadet Yeti next to him (far left front). Yeti is an excellent point man and scout. He was given a shot gun as its usually at close range when he gets into trouble. 

There are more figures to come for this faction. 

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