Friday, 7 September 2012

Southport Salvage Crew

The Fourth Faction...

Southport Salvage Crew operate from the "King's" compound in the centre of the town. They strip the local buildings for salvage and then trade it with the factions in what was left of the city to the South. Some salvage gets paid to the King as tribute. Its the only way to stop him from getting ugly...well uglier anyway. 

The SSC often operate in hostile conditions fighting through the alien jungles that covers some buildings, seeing off Virals and Wild Dog packs. They also have trouble from the odd band of scavengers and other holed up survivors who object to them turning up removing their stuff. 

L-R - Squaddie ( Kallistra minis), Ross Kant (Artizan Wild West), Joe Porter (Kallistra), Owldie (OOP Hetzerdog Babylons Burning), Ste Hassle (OOP Hetzerdog Babylons Burning), Helen Back (OOP Hetzerdog Babylons Burning)

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