Saturday, 8 September 2012

West Vale Blues

This is a small group currently occupying the West Vale portion of Kirkby. The Brothers J arrive dwith "the Kid" in the early days and helped the survivors set up. The faction get by through farming and salvage in the rest of what was Kirkby. They also trade food quite a lot with Seaforth in exchange for ammunition and black powder.  

The Brothers J are the Biker (PJ) and guy in Camo with the SLR in the centre of the shot. 

The Brothers J also set up a special group of Scavengers come Scouts they call the Rangers (the two guys in gas masks and hoods in the left of the picture). The Rangers got their name from a group in some old fantasy novel which involved a lot of rings. They have special safe houses set up around the area and along the route to Seaforth. The Rangers bring in the salvage they find in the ruins. 

The Brothers J

DJ was a member of a elite regiment when the end came. He was the only survivor of his unit. DJ headed north to his home town to look for surviving members of his family and freinds. During his adventures DJ found a 10 year old boy who he promised to take to safety once he checked out his old home. DJ found his younger brother PJ sheltering in his home using DJ's personal arsenal to deal with any nasties. 

PJ was a biker and knows how to survive thanks to his Brother DJ. He wields DJ's old Uzi and a black market pistol he kept for those moments when the local drugs dealer tried to rip him off. DJ has his old FN SLR service rifle and is a dead eye shot. He keeps a old Browning Hi Power for up close and personal use.

The Brothers took the "Kid" (Chris Macca) North to the West Vale Settlement and found a surviving cousin of the lad who looked after him. DJ and PJ have trained Chris and both feel he is good enough. DJ hopes he will one day rule the settlement. Chris is now 16 and is a keen Viral hunter.

DJ leads the West Vale defences with PJ as his Lieutenant. His military special forces training has helped this band of survivors no end. 

The Brothers J where created as part of the 4th Birthday Challenge for the Post Apoc Wargames Forum

I need a mini for the Kid now! 

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