Friday, 7 September 2012

Knights of Caernarfon.

As I am heading into my Retro 80s Brit Post Apoc I have been digging through my minis piles in an attempt to cobble together some factions. I have been weeding out the Sci-Fi  & ultra modern minis. In fact anything else that wont fit the period and kit available in the UK at that time (the Apocalypse happens in 1982)

The First Faction.... Knights of Caernarfon 

This lot holed up in the old Norman castle when things unwound (Caernarfon is a castle on the North Wales coast). They slowly have reclaimed the town upto the castle's outer walls. The faction survives through fishing, trade and piracy. 

Behold Lord Caernarfon!!!

I can just see this guy hacking his way through hordes of Virals/Crazies (Humans who survived the Killer Virus but suffered brain damage that turned them into feral killing machines). 

A bit of history on this mini - he is inspired by the singer from Skindred. He wore this costume at Download 2011 and I thought it too cool not to copy. The mini is by Kallistra. 

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