Friday, 7 September 2012

Professor McNut.

Time for an oddball character for my 80's Brit Post Apoc setting. Introducing Professor "The Proff" McNut, who was a Scientist before the end. 

This guy built his own anti viral and triffid suit which is a mix of armour plates, diving suit and other odds and ends (including lots of Duct Tape). The Proff claims it is Viral and Triffid proof although everyone else is skeptical.  

He wanders the city with his museum looted WW2 era German MP40 taking samples. He operates out of the Seaforth rebuilders compound and was a great help to the faction in the early days of setting up. The Proff is trying to combat the things that have gripped the world and hopes to help humanity survive. 

He dreams of clearing the old School of Tropical Medicine at the University of Virals so he can continue his work and research with better kit. 

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