Friday, 7 September 2012

The King of Southport

All HAIL the King! The King of Southport! 

The King runs a compound with his old Biker gang. As such he has declared himself King of Southport. He takes homage from local settlements in Salvage in exchange for "Protection". 

The Altcar protectorate know of King and are thinking of taking him out of action. The King mini is made from a mix of GW parts with a Westwind Biker Head and a scratch built sawn off shotgun. 

The King's warriors are called the Knights of the round wheel. It isnt advised to point out that wheels are supposed to be round if you don't want to die in some horrible slow way. 

The Knights of the Round Wheel and their "King". 

The knights specialise in capturing Virals and then using them in sport. Their Viral fighting pit is legendary. Its best not get on their wrong side. 

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