Sunday, 16 September 2012

Atmosphere Processor 512

Another older piece from earlier this year. As Matt Black Gods world is a space colony it will probably have some sort of Atmospheric processing towers. The cool thing about this model is it works for Sci-Fi & Firefly style Offworld colonies too. 

This started life many years ago as a failed attempt to scratch build a Aliens style Drop Ship. The hull remained and it was bugging me laying about doing nothing so I made this...

A door was added from cereal card and a door way from scraps of foamboard. The data panel is from Blackcat bases. Other details where added. 

Resin detailing from Ramshackle and some place on ebay. 


Inlet side. Detailing by Ramshackle and Old Crow (15mm pipeline)

The top level

The upper platform. 

The moral of the story...dont chuck out your failed early attempts, years down the line you may be able to do something with them. 

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