Sunday, 16 September 2012

Post Apocalyptic/Off world city building 1

The first building for my Post Apoc city - Liberty City is done. The idea is to have several defendable buildings which will enclosed off with walls and fences to form compounds within the city walls each controlled by a gang or faction. These will also work for my Sci-Fi Firefly style off world colonies too. 

The open sided tower is due to a shortage of materials in the Wastelands. The truth is that this started life as a test piece for a new tunnel system I am planning. It was laying about so I put it to use. The tower needs ladders.....I must get a load made soon.  :D 

This side will be the outside of a compound. 

I love collecting/making small stuff that adds detail and atmosphere to a table.  In this case some new vending machines to my terrain set...

The vending machines are by Blackcat bases.

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